The Team Behind Woods Print Shop

Linda and Dustin Woods are partners in life and in business. They have been married for 24 years and counting! When they are not at home spoiling their cat, they are out exploring the world with cameras in hand~ soaking up inspiration and sampling baked goods in cafes along the way.

Each artwork Linda Woods creates is a story told in color, texture, and symbolism. Combining words and images, Linda's art pieces capture the energy of the city, illuminate the Zen in the garden, and reveal the hidden stories in every-day life. Widely acclaimed for her unique perspective on self-expression and the creative process, Linda has appeared on national television, as a guest on The View, and in numerous books, magazines, and exhibits worldwide. Linda's abstract art was featured on Netflix's Queer Eye, ABC's Modern Family and The Neighbors. She is the co-author of the best-selling books Meeting In The Ladies Room, Journal Revolution, and Visual Chronicles.

Dustin Woods is a Studio Grip and a candid street photographer.  He loves everything about photography from black and white photos- to epic wide scenic shots- to artistic photography. He sees the world through his camera, usually with a cup of coffee in one hand. Dustin's photos have appeared in travel guides, on book covers, and in private collections.